General Report on Tunny

22F Page 53

This multiplication property is first mentioned in R1 p. 20.


    K =   Χ +   Ψ'
  ∴ ΔK = ΔΧ + Δ Ψ'

The undifferenced Ψ' stream is flat, therefore the undifferenced K stream is random and unrecognisable statistically [(E3)]

(a) Recognising key on any limitation.


Differencing at distance ωi where ωi is the length of Χi (R3 p. 62)


since we are in effect adding two streams in which ΔKij → ΔΧij with proportinal bulge β


Similarly, differencing at ωi ωj (e.g. 26 x 23 for Χ4 and Χ5)


This result shows that all key maybe recognised by an excess of dots over crosses in Δ598(ΔK45). (R2 p. 90)

(b) Recognising key on Χ2 limitation.


and differencing at 31(R2 p. 70) we get

(c) Δ2K.

In cases where Δ2Χi and Δ2Χj each → x with high probability Δ2Χij → dot

Now Δ2Ψ'ij → dot

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