The History of Hut Eight

Ausgabe 2.LetterTable
11Latitude in degrees.
22 Longitude in degrees.
33General area and direction of pressure change.
(Tables 1 and 2 give ambiguous answers which are distinguished by the general area given in 3).
44Air pressure to nearest 2 millibars.
55 Air temperature in degrees Centigrade
68 Wind direction and strength.
76 Present weather and clouds.
87 Visibility.
99 Direction and type of swell.
10, 11 Signature.
Ausgabe 3.
11General area, direction of pressure change.
2, 3 2Position (from map issued).
43Air pressure to nearest 2 millibars.
54Present weather and clouds.
65Weather changes in last 2 hours.
76Visibility of fog.
87Wind direction and veer.
98Wind strength and gustiness.
109 Change in wind strength, height of swell.
1110Length and direction of swell.
1211Air temperature in degrees Centigrade.
1312Temperature difference between air and water.
13 Ice conditions.
14, 15 or (16). Signature.

The tables are constructed alphabetically,

e.g. -13 degrees Centigrade = M.
+14 degrees Centigrade = N etc.

and many of them are 2 dimensional tables, table 9 of the 2nd edition being typical;


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